Arcadia is the most heavily populated region of Eamae, spanning the entire peninsula from the Gheladan mountain range to the Nothic Ocean coast along the south.

History Edit

The First Age Edit

During the First Age, the region was commonly known as the Drakengaard, or the Dragon Lands as it was known in the common tongue. The land was ruled by the dragon god-king, Io, from the great walled city of Drakengaard. The First Great War left the region abandoned and the City of Drakengaard sunk into the ocean.


The Second Age Edit

During the Second Age, civilians escaping the race wars that were rampant across The Realms by a combined coalition of the five main races from the region. These first Arcadians settled in the central calm lands and built the City of Arcades as well as the twin kingdoms of Ashtan and Hashan. As the population grew, another kingdom, Cyrene, was built among the hills at the foot of Mount Gheladan. In the later years of the age, at the onset of the Third Great War, the False Emperor and his followers built the rogue kingdom of Mhaldor.

The Third Age Edit

The fall of the False Emperor led the region into a time of general peace. The city of Mhaldor quickly became corrupt and collapsed. The remainder of the region is experiencing a period of relative peace.