Drakengaard Edit


First Age Edit

During the first age, Drakengaard was the capitol of the dragon controlled southern region of Eamae, known in modern day as Arcadia. At the height of it's power, it was ruled by the dragon god Io who fell in the final battle of the God's War and caused the city to collapse and sink into the Nothic Ocean.

Second Age Edit

During the time of the Third Great War, Drakengaard was rediscovered by the group of adventurers who would later become known as the Heroes of the Third War. It's sole occupant was a single ancient black dragon, Caydranth, who gave the heroes the Arken Hourglass.

Third Age Edit

At some time after the fall of the False Emperor, Jarren Kast, now a lich, returned to Drakengaard to serve Caydranth, who was nearing the end of his life cycle. Upon his death, Caydranth gifted his body to Jarren who became a dracolich and took the title Pentharion. Pentharion then created the Obitu who would populate Drakengaard.