Eamae is a major continent of the world of Arc divided into three major regions by the Gheladan mountain range.



Commonly known as the political region of Arcadia. Separated into 5 kingdoms, Ashtan, Hashan, Cyrene, Mhaldor, and Arcades. As well as the free cities of New Delos and Eleusis.

  • Ashtan
  • Hashan
  • Cyrene
  • Mhaldor
  • Arcades
  • New Delos
  • Eleusis

East Edit

A temperate region known as The Wilds.


The earliest known inhabited region of Eamae, commonly known as The Realms. Divided into 4 nations. {Elven nation} in the central forests, {Dwarven nation} to the West, {Human nation} in the Northeast, and {Halfling nation}, to the North. To the Northwest lies the Black Mountain

  • {Elven Nation}
  • {Dwarven Nation}
  • {Human Nation}
  • {Halfling Nation}
  • Black Mountain